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Water Rescue Robot R1



Rescue Equipment suitable for government emergency and private aid groups in scene like sea, reservoir, river, lake etc.


  • Rapid  Rescue

Water rescue robot reaches people at risk on water at the speeds of 7 meters per second and saves them immediately within the golden rescue time.

  • Safety of Rescuers

With remote controller, rescuers can control the Water Rescue Robot to go and save those drowning within 1500 meters, avoiding the risk and/or accident from work. It’s also available for One-key Return, Original Route Return, Signal Losing Return and so on.

  • Bad weather, no problem

Anti-turnover design, double propellers and strong buoyancy enable Water Rescue Robot to be applicable to bad weather and even flood prevention rescue work.

  • Safer Experience

Enclosed with safety grills, user doesn’t need to worry about their hair getting tangled by propeller. And, its rubber head can also prevent collision from hurting passenger.

  • High-tech module equipped

User can definitely know what’s happening to the robot whenever they want by just watching the LCD screen that shows Battery, Speed, Direction and so on. It’s also got Human Detection Module that detects if user is away from 40 centimeters. It will stop for safety, if so, waiting for user to come back to the robot again.

  • Multiple payloads optional

Payloads are optional for different purposes, such as speaker for talking to those at risk and nervous and for speaking while searching, GoPro camera for recording on-site, alarm for alerting, and swim rings and life-saving bag for saving more people



Size: 980mm*780mm*260mm Weight: 15.1kg
Towing weight: 500kg Battery life: 50mins
Buoyancy: 750N (equivalent to 4 swim rings) Maximum range: 5km
Maximum speed: 7m/s (without loading)/ 2m/s(80kg loaded) Maximum remote control distance: 1500m