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Our Capabilities

With our strong background in systems design and engineering experiences, we have full capabilities in offering complete customized solutions to meet our customers’ diverse needs. These include Design, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Project Management and Documentation.

We are also able to offer various telecommunications systems (ranging from MF through to Ka band and beyond), security products, and niche solutions, such as RF surveillance and monitoring systems, Jammers, Directional Finders, encryptors, VSAT and Inmarsat systems, radar systems, Base stations monitoring systems, Microwave equipment, Mobile comms shelters, etc.

In addition, we are also able to offer various specialized professional consultancy services (eg. RF coverage within tunnels and buildings, Electro-Magnetic Interferences (EMI) / Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) services, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) services, etc) to our partners and customers.

Maintenance support and managed services are also included as part of our services to our customers.

Business Strategies

Capitalizing on our company’s strength in system design and engineering, we focused on offering our customers niche solutions that are highly customized to meet their diverse needs. We are able to identify, source, solution & integrate the most suitable and cost-effective products from the market that best meets their requirements.

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Besides offering customized solutions, we also focused on the sourcing and sale of various niche telecommunications and security products and solutions sought by our customers.

By focusing on our core capabilities, we actively seek to keep abreast of the latest in defence, security and telecommunications-related technologies, and to integrate these technologies into our solutions for our clients. With the ever-changing technological and competitive landscape, we believe that this will help us to remain up-to-date in our solutions offered, giving our clients the most high-tech and cost-effective solutions, while remaining highly flexible and relevant to our clients.

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To facilitate our expansion of our product ranges, services, and customer-base, we actively seek to co-operate closely with our other complementary local and regional partners.

With the above strategies, we target to position ourselves to achieve Product & Service Differentiation through the provision of cost-effective, high value-added solutions to our customers.

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