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We strongly believe in maintaining a healthy long-term relationship with our valued customers and we place very high emphasis on their continued satisfaction of our services provided. We are  therefore fully committed to serve our customers for the provision of warranty and maintenance support and other managed services. 

Some of the services that we offer are:

  • RF Coverage consultancy services
  • EMI/EMC consultancy services
  • ILS consultancy services
  • Warranty support
  • Pre-sales and post-sales engineering support
  • Installation services
  • Maintenance services
  • Managed services
  • Project management
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Warranty Support

We do not just sell our customers the equipment. We also ensure that we fully provide all warranty and service support to our customer. This is our commitment we have for our valued customers.

Our valued customers can therefore have peace of mind and can look forward to our full support for any warranty related problems during the warranty period.

Pre-sales Support

In order to meet our company’s motto of providing sterling solutions, performances and services to our customers, we believe firmly in taking time to talk to our customers and try to understand their needs.

It is only through in-depth understanding of the customers’ requirements that customized solutions can be designed to meet these needs. With our system design and engineering experiences and expertise, we are confident of converting these requirements into a cost-effective solution for our valued customers.

We believe this kind of value added service is what sets us apart from our competitors and is in line with our motto of providing sterling solutions to our customers always

Installation Services

No job is too easy, nor difficult for us. We have handled various jobs ranging from the simple, to the highly complex tasks. We fully understand the importance of meeting implementation datelines as these it could potentially have serious downstream implications to our valued customers’ operations and/or businesses plans. In line with our motto for sterling performance and services, we target to ensure that our valued customers can have a smooth and seamless transition for their business operations by meeting all projects’ implementation datelines.

Maintenance Services

Unforeseen breakdowns cannot be avoided and when they occur, customers’ businesses and/or operations could be badly affected. Such unforeseen systems’ breakdowns are best keep to a minimum through proper system designs.
Systems downtime are also best kept to a minimum so as to ensure that normal system operations can be recovered and their faulty equipment repaired and returned to service within the shortest period of time.

Systems downtime are also best kept to a minimum so as to ensure that normal system operations can be recovered and their faulty equipment repaired and returned to service within the shortest period of time.

When breakdown occurs, customers are normally face with the following problems due to unscheduled equipment failure:

  • Unavailability of funds for costly unscheduled repairs on an urgent basis.
  • Difficulty in planning for an accurate annual maintenance budget, monitoring the budgeted funds, and controlling of funds for their annual maintenance needs.
  • Wasted time and effort getting a simple repair fixed (getting quotations, evaluating the quotations, raising
  • Works Orders, effecting payments, etc).
  • High administrative delays to fix an equipment failure.
  • High equipment downtime / long equipment Turn Around Time.
  • Difficulty in managing and disseminating the multitude of names/contact numbers of various vendors for different type of equipment to all their users.
  • Hassle with dealing with different vendors / service providers for each fault.

With our understanding of the problems faced by most customers, our company is pleased to offer our customers various customizable maintenance service packages to suit their diverse needs giving them peace of mind. We view our maintenance services as a key component in our total solution to our valued customers.

Our maintenance services packages ranges from the standard ad-hoc services, to full comprehensive labour and parts contracts. Besides these, we also offer various schemes that include maintenance support coverage to our valued customers during normal office hours to round-the-clock 24*7, 2 hours response time maintenance support

Managed Services

With increased competition, companies are discovering that out-sourcing becomes a key operational strategy to enable them to stay highly focused on their core businesses and key strengths.

We share in this believe that our customers should focus their attention on their core businesses where they can provide the greatest value-add to their businesses.

We are therefore more than pleased to discuss with our customers on the various services that we can offer to them should they wish to consider out-sourcing some of their non-core activities. Our service packages includes:

  • Fault management (fault reporting and control)
  • Fault and system performance analysis and submission of periodic performance reports
  • Single point of contact and accountability
  • Configuration management
  • Spares management, etc

Project Management

Provision of full turn-key solutions is our strength and we have the expertise and experience in managing various large scale projects.
With our expertise in this field, we are able to offer our project management services to customers who have various projects on hand that needs to be managed but yet do not have the time or resources to cope.

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