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VideoRay Video Enhancement – LYYN Inside



LYYN Real Time Video Enhancement
The visibility and our perception of underwater objects depend on several different variables: depth, distance, and lighting as well as the water’s turbidity, salinity, and pollution levels.  Combined with the limitations of the human eye and brain, these obstacles create a very challenging and potentially dangerous environment.  Objects’ size, shape, and color can become distorted or even invisible to the unassisted eye.  The key to successful underwater vision? Get rid of the water.

LYYN Real Time Video Enhancement has revolutionized the world of underwater photography. Each video frame is optimized for contrast and color spectrum to make it appear as “natural” as possible to the human eye.  Even the smallest fragments of color and object shape can be extracted from the camera sensor to restore the scene as much as possible. And all this is done in real-time, resulting in an image that constantly self-adjusts to the environment.  It’s like HD goggles for your VideoRay.  By eliminating the need for manual adjustments, Lyynification™ enables the VideoRay ROV pilot to focus completely on mission objectives.

LYYN Real Time Video Enhancement is available as a software widget in the VideoRay Pro 4 Cockpit Software or as a keypad for VideoRay Pro 3, Pro 3 GTO, and Deep Blue ROVs.

Typical VideoRay ROV / LYYN Video Enhancement situations are:

  • Brown/ Green Water
  • Suspended Particles
  • Search and Rescue / Recovery
  • Port Environments
  • Rivers, ponds, and lakes
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 Open Enrollment Certified VideoRay Training is available for LYYN Video Enhancement and is included with any VideoRay Pro 4 ROV configuration containing a LYYN system.

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