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VideoRay ROV Wireless Data Gathering – seatooth® s100 wireless datalogger/modem



The Pro 4 seatooth® accessory incorporates the seatooth® S100 compact wireless modem from WFS Technologies, the global leader in the delivery of subsea wireless instrumentation and control solutions with the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV.  The Pro 4 seatooth® is a “plug and play” accessory that is attached easily to the Pro 4 ROV skid and 9-pin accessory port allowing for unparalleled subsea wireless data gathering.  Once the system is submerged and piloted near the data source, the wirelessly retrieved data is either sent to the surface real time via the VideoRay ROV tether or can be logged in the s100’s internal memory.

S100 is part of the seatooth® family of subsea modems that transmit data through water and through the water-air boundary.  Compact and lightweight, it is suitable for a variety of underwater applications from 100m – 4000m depth (Pro 4 ROV depth rated to 300 m, 1000 ft), with an optional integrated memory for data logging. S100 will provide reliable digital wireless data transmission up to 2.4 kbps as standard, up to a range of 5m in challenging water conditions (acoustic noise, bubbles, and contaminants) and with no physical wet-mate connection.


  • Wireless data collection from subsea, oceanographic or environmental sensors (e.g. for Strain, Pressure, Temperature, Corrosion and Cathodic Protection measurement)  without wet mate connectors.
  • Data logging of multiple parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature etc.
  • Remote monitoring of subsea equipment (e.g. load, strain, temperature).
  • Direct wireless control of subsea equipment.
  • Trouble-shooting, uploading new software or changing operating parameters of subsea equipment and instrumentation.

 Basic specifications:

  • Function:  Wireless Modem, Wireless Datalogger, Wireless Controller
  • Range:  Standard: 2.5m Optional: 5m—10m
  • Storage:  8MB of non-volatile memory
  • Data Rate:  Standard: 2.4 kbps, Optional: 4.8 kbps
  • Depth Rating: Standard: 350m – (Pro 4 ROV depth rated to 300 m, 1000 ft)