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VideoRay Crawler



The VideoRay Crawler attachment is so simple and effective it’s ridiculous. It has been specifically designed for the Pro 4 Float Block and is an essential attachment for obtaining stable video on submerged surfaces in difficult, high current underwater environments (up to 6 knots).   

This no-tools-required accessory easily attaches in seconds – put it on or take it off as needed in the field and start inspecting. No “mastering of roll techniques” are required to adhere to a surface – simply get under the surface and use the powerful suction of the ROVs vertical thruster to latch on and roll effortlessly upright while obtaining stable video.  Imagine trying to flip a submersible over with thrusters in a 5 knot current and zero visibility.  By the time another submersible “masters the roll,” the VideoRay Pro 4 would be half way done with the hull inspection.  The VideoRay Crawler also does not use magnets for obvious reasons (think explosive device on a ship hull).  The powerful VideoRay Pro 4 vertical thruster is ducted to move water away from the hull causing zero disturbance while latching upright and in a familiar operating position for the pilot. 

Ideal applications for the VideoRay Crawler attachment include ship hull inspections, potable water tanks, and any submerged structure with a rigid surface. The hull crawler attachment will not work on VideoRay Pro 3 float blocks.