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Smart Tether



The Smart Tether Non-Acoustic Tether Based positioning system is a revolutionary design for small ROV and diver positioning. With the system built into the tether, there is no need for additional external transponders or complicated set-up, measurement, and training. The sensors are also embedded in the tether, eliminating the need for extra wires and batteries. It really is a “drop and go” system. 

Smart Tether’s sensor nodes use acceleration, magnetic, and rate-gyro sensors to measure the orientation and track the position of your vehicle and tether. This data is then transmitted to the control box and displayed on your computer screen in real time.

Typical VideoRay ROV / Smart Tether applications are:

  • ROV Navigation
  • Diver Navigation and Tracking
  • Hull & Structure Inspection
  • Multiple Target Observation
  • Search and Rescue / Recovery
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There are numerous benefits of adding Smart Tether to your VideoRay ROV, including:

– Navigation in real time:  The Smart Tether system’s fast refresh rate (~5 Hz gives the operator instant and accurate information about your diver’s or VideoRay submersible’s position. This real-time navigation facilitates missions that require precise operation, including: close-up inspections, rescue and recovery work, ordnance location, and homeland security operations.

– GPS integration:  Tides, currents, and wave dynamics can make precise underwater navigation using a fixed launch point nearly impossible. Smart Tether includes GPS integration to help you navigate your ROV or diver from a moving point such as a boat or barge.

– Enhanced accuracy: The Smart Tether accuracy is 1.5 meters or better, depending on the deployment configuration.

– Scan History: Smart Tether gives position history of Visual or SONAR scan.

– Winchable: The Smart Tether can be stored in and deployed from an optional Tether Deployment System.

Open Enrollment Certified VideoRay Training is available for Smart Tether and is included with any VideoRay Pro 4 ROV configuration containing a Smart Tether system.