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SARTEK RSV-1 (Redundant Supply Valve)



The RSV is a modular control valve that allows a diver to switch breathing gas supplies in less than a second. The RSV is particularly useful to a
diver utilizing a full-face mask because it allows the diver to switch to their alternate gas supply without removing their mask (a valuable feature when diving in cold, toxic or hazardous locations).

5 Minutes to Safety
The RSV takes less than 5 minutes to install. Simply remove the supply hose to your regulator and install the RSV in-line. The connection to your
alternate supply can be achieved by either a “Quick Disconnect” or a threaded fitting. When using a surface supply line, just install a check valve and the proper quick disconnect hose at the diver end.

Just One Quick Press
With the button down, the RSV is on Primary gas. Release the safety clip and press the button on the bottom of the RSV and you are now on your alternate supply (which is indicated by the brightly colored marker band at the top of the RSV)

The RSV is made from Delrin® (a high tech engineering plastic from DuPont*). The fittings are made from stainless steel and all “O”-rings are Viton®. The three connection 3 ports are identical, which allows the RSV to be configured to suit the dive mission.


The RSV Is Only Intended For Use By
Properly Trained: Rescue, Military,
Technical and Commercial Divers