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Brushless Thrusters



The VideoRay Pro 4’s custom designed and highly efficient brushless thrusters deliver unparalleled performance and reliability.  In order to provide the optimal blend of power and control, the VideoRay Pro 4’s thrusters incorporate the following features:

– The horizontal thrusters, coupled with hydro-dynamically optimized propellers and nozzles, produce the highest thrust-to-vehicle weight (21 pounds of thrust on a 10 pound vehicle) and thrust-to-drag ratios in the industry – over 2 to 1 thrust to weight ratio.  This combination ensures you’ll have the power when you need it, along with the ability to pull long umbilicals and work in currents that divers wouldn’t dare attempt.  Formal US Navy tests confirm 21 pounds of sustained thrust on a Pro 4 ROV with the now standard 33 amp boards. 

VideoRay Pro 4 Brushless Thrusters – Hits 22 lbs Thrust in Test Tank


– Thruster placement on the VideoRay vehicle and counter propeller rotation provide a zero turning radius and extremely agile maneuverability as well as a stable platform for the camera and sensors.

– Enhanced vertical thrust and pitch-enhanced dive and surface modes get you to and from your working depth quickly, and computer controlled “set and forget” auto-depth holds the depth you set.  There’s no need to disengage auto-depth to adjust to a new depth.

– Motor controllers are tuned for lightning-fast responsiveness. In conjunction with joystick sensitivity and independently adjustable gain, these features ensure precision handling and provide the dexterity to position and hold the ROV exactly where you need it.

– VideoRay’s engineers also recognized and accommodated the need for maintenance by keeping things simple.  Proprietary cartridge motor shaft seals can be visually inspected without being removed.  When it is time to replace them, it usually takes less than 5 minutes and can be done in the field instead of the labor intensive process of disassembling the thruster and refilling a grease galley as is the case with other manufacturer’s thrusters.  Fouled propellers can also be cleared and replaced easily if necessary.

VideoRay Pro 4 brushless thrusters are also available independently of the vehicle to anyone.  This option includes the complete thruster sub assembly from light dome to thruster guard.