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Bio-gauge GD Cobra Nrx


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Dedicated boot optimally places the depth meter and residual pressure gauge.

The dedicated boot that tilts the depth meter at 15 degree with respect to the residual pressure gauge for providing optimum viewing angle of both gauges.

Luminous scale plate glows for hours

The scale plates of the compass and the residual pressure gauge are painted with Japanese-made special phosphorescent agent, which will glow stably for hours once exposed to the light. It is ideal for night diving.

Unique residual pressure warning function with brightness perception system

Unique residual pressure warning function with our patented brightness perception system(B.R.System) will inform the reach of lower limit of residual pressure by blinking an ultra-high brightness orange LED. By the adoption of the B.R.System, it minimize the power consumption to the limit while the tank is not being connected. It will automatically start up to full operation mode once the tank is connected and being in use.


Bio-gauge + Depth gauge (AG-21) combination gauge with “COBRA” boot.

 Maximum tank pressure: 35MPa (350bar)
 Maximum depth: 70m
 Battery: CR1632
 Battery life: about 150 dive. Replaceable by user
 Face of gauges: Ultra long time fluorescent material “ Luminova”.
 Color: Black (BK)