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Basic SAR Operations



The Basic SAR Operations Accessory Package is designed to enhance and optimize the VideoRay Pro 4 ROV System’s capabilities for underwater tasks specific to Search & Recovery personnel. VideoRay developed this package based on observations and feedback from VideoRay ROV users in the SAR Industry.

The Basic SAR Operations accessory package includes 115 m (380 ft) of plug-and-play modular tether, including 40 m (130 ft) of performance tether and 75 m (250 ft) of standard neutral tether. The package also adds a 15” Hi-Bright daylight viewable secondary monitor and an Inverter to the control panel.

The BlueView V-130 Multibeam Imaging Sonar is an essential upgrade for low to zero visibility environments where the pilot is forced to navigate and locate targets through sonar alone. The V-130 is delivered with a Pro 4 Integration Kit, including the ROV skid mount, ProViewer software, and all the necessary cables for use on the Pro 4 ROV.

The Standard Manipulator Arm allows ROV operators to grab, lift, and recover objects up to 45 kg (100 lb). For heavier objects, the Recovery & Retrieval Tools Kit adds hardware that allows the sub to recovers objects up to 2 tons.

The Pro 4 Maintenance Kit comes with everything needed to perform basic repairs in the field, including replacement parts, a basic hardware kit and a full set of stainless steel ballast weight rods.