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Seal Booster



Wearable Underwater Jet Pack with high performance!

SEAL BOOSTER is a unique Wearable Personal Underwater Propulsion Device designed specifically for the skin diver, free-diver, snorkeler and for those who enjoy other types of water sports activities. This special gadget uses low-noise brushless DC motors and Lithium-Polymer batteries to accomplish powerful propulsion at a very low total weight. With it’s simple operation and excellent performance in water, SEAL BOOSTER will shine all the more brightly when enjoying snorkelling, skin diving and free-diving as you don’t need to use diving fins that will make your strength used up when moving underwater.



Dimensions  Battery
Thruster Diameter 80mm Battery Type Lithium Polymer
Thruster Length 310mm Battery Volume 155.4Wh(Each)
Carrier Size W600 * H290 * D260 Battery Voltage 22.2V
Total Weight 9.8kg Charging Time 3~4 hour
Total Underwater Weight 2.91kg (Negative) Charger Operating Voltage 100V – 240V
Motor Others
Working time at optimal speed 1 hour Dive Depth 30m
Working time at maximum speed 30 min Proper Storage Temperature 10 ~ 35°C
Maximum static thrust (Each 1 thruster ) 35 (N.M) Waist Belt Size (Female) 26~32inch
Maximum speed 6 km/h Waist Belt Size(Male) 32-40inch