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RI CoPilot by SeeByte



VideoRay RI (Reacquire Identify) CoPilot by SeeByte uses sonar, navigation and vehicle control combined as a live control capable of going to a preset surface or subsurface target location using coordinates, run a preset search route, or go automatically to “point and click” locations in route. Pilots can autonomously follow pre-defined sorties or maintain a station in currents exceeding 1 knot and rough sea conditions.

With RI CoPilot, operators can detect, acquire and classify, all during the same sortie.  BlueView imaging sonar identifies underwater objects in a user-selectable operation and allows long range target detection in turbid or black waters and close-in target classification, all in real time.  With precise bottom track data provided by the Teledyne DVL (Doppler Velocity Log), pilots can autonomously acquire a GPS fix on the surface and, once submerged, continuously update the ROV’s position in water altitudes ranging from 80 meters deep to as shallow as 31 centimeters.

VideoRay RI CoPilot Autonomous ROV MCM (Mine Countermeasure) Sortie 


Software features include:

• Manual, Station-Keeping, Survey, and ROV Cruise Modes

• Navigation fuses GPS and Velocity updates from DVL to provide precise position updates

• Simple point-and-click PC interface over charts to command ROV

• One click “Go to Target” automation

• One-click target tracking application launch

• Easy target selection and tracking – user defined target size parameters

• Streaming target relative velocity data

• Full integration with VideoRay Cockpit software

The RI CoPilot package includes the SeeByte RI CoPilot software suite, customized Teledyne RDI Explorer Doppler Velocity Log (DVL), BlueView P900-130 imaging sonar, GPS ROV antennae, and full VideoRay ROV integration.  A VideoRay Pro 4 ROV system is required for use.  The latest VideoRay PC upgrades and dual monitors may be necessary for optimal performance.

VideoRay RI CoPilot Autonomous ROV


VideoRay RI CoPilot by SeeByte is interoperable with the separately available COIN (Common Operator Interface Navy) / SeeTrack software tools used for military underwater asset sortie-planning, monitoring and post-processing reporting.  RI CoPilot can accept exported MEDAL target locations and flight plans developed using COIN / SeeTrack software and also supports import of vehicle navigation log files and primary sensor back into COIN / SeeTrack for post-mission reporting and further MCM tactical processes with MEDAL.