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Electret Filter Cartridge




New electret filter cartridge employed in the bio-filter and bio-micro efficiently removes impurities including rust, dust and oil.

The filter material has been refurbished from the current activated carbon dust dust-proof filter to the multiple layer electret filter, which improves the dust-proof performance by 20% and the pressure drop by 44%.


● Material: Multiple layer electret filter
● 2 pcs/set
● For bio-filter, bio-micro, bio-regulator a-110, bio-regulator a-210, bio-regulator a-230

Time to replace the electret filter cartridge.

The electret filter cartridge is a expendable supplies.
Usually replace it every 20 to 50 diving, or when the adhesion of dirt and oil can be seen on the surface.
It is also recommended to always carry and posses a spare electret filter cartridge.