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Bio Metal Mask Titanium



Built to order Mask

Bio Metal Mask Titanium is the new addition to the Bio Metal Mask series. 

It features the lightness of Bio Metal Mask and the Robustness of Bio Metal Mask Pro.

Titanium alloy is known as the highest-quality and expensive metal that has the maximum specific strength among practical metals, about half the weight of iron, and excellent corrosion resistance.

Main Features: 

  • Robust and lightweight titanium lens frame with accessory mounting screws.
  • “Titanium” laser marking on the titanium lens frame. 
  • Individual serial number marking.
  • Extremely durable hard carrying case.
  • Package in the luxurious designed hard box. 

Premium Support Program

  • Free selection of mask skirt from Type A, Type B, Type C and Type when ordering. 
  • Free selection of lens from Bio AR lens,UV 420 lens and standard tempered glass when ordering.
  • Free replacement of  skirt and strap up to 3 times within 3 years. 


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