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Apollo Bio Fin Ranger- Spring Strap


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Both excellent operability by natural rubber material and incomparable mobility in propulsion are realized.
By superior efficiency by the propeller fin technology, load decreases, and long-time diving is possible.
It is equipped a spring strap which has no worry about a breakage and a damage and it makes possible for quick mounting.
It is adopted a sole pattern and boots pocket enabling a stable run.
Because it is negative buoyancy, it can be easily performed posture control in underwater.

Main Material: natural rubber
Strap: spring strap
 Length 423mm
Width 252mm
Weight 1,200g
Color black
Fits US8~10
Length 423mm
Width 252mm
Weight 1,200g
Color black
Fits US10~
In the case of thin boots such as marine boots , appropriate size will be larger.

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